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Tim Foley, Contributor

Tim Foley is originally from Sacramento, CA. He co-founded Andromeda II during the pandemic, with the idea to empower artists and writers to choreograph new methods of publishing their work. When he’s not working on zines and TV and film projects, he enjoys surfing and making music.

(Halle Arbaugh)


Halle Arbaugh, Co-Founder & Editorial Director

Halle Sparrow Arbaugh is a writer. She's previously worked on script coverage and has assisted on several film & TV projects, and she is currently working on a novel and an original TV series. Previously, she was a staff writer at women-led publication Her Daily, and her writing and photography has been published by and has appeared in anthologies from Random House, The Washington PostHighlights, Spider Magazine, and Figment to name a few. She is an alumna of the University of Southern California's creative writing program. Other past experiences include managing content for an Alexa 500 website and sitting on the Board of the USC Young Alumni Council. 

(Tim Foley)

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